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robtakac's Journal

Rob Takac
30 September
If I could paint in harmony
and colors were words I had sung
If I could climb way up in the sky
where the stars are carefully hung
there are flowers in her backyard
that resemble the spots of the sun
and there are times I look in her eyes
and see the woman and God as one
Hold Me Up

Rob Takac

I'm the bass player for the Goo Goo Dolls. I also do a little singing and songwriting.

And, no, this is not real. Go to the website listed above and read what you find.
alcohol, anti-dave ellison, anti-mp3, beer, being a stoner, blue-streaked hair, bourbon, buffalo, chameleon studios (mine!!), cheap trick, chibi and gus, coffee, complicated people, deep fryer experiments, driving, fender basses, fono, going on tour, hotel bars, husker du, lemondrop martinis, lime spiders, long distance phone calls, my band's website, my kickin' new studio, never-ending fucking tour, old-school punk music, originality, pez, producing for other artists, proving the critics wrong, radiohead, random rambles, red hair, rob cavallo, screaming, tattoos, the clash, the cure, the ramones, the replacements, the stones, tormenting mike, torturing dave, universal honey, wings!!!!, zero 7